Space is the Place

from Friday, March 16th~

Juju at the park this morning
   I blogged about my 9th anniversary the other week. 9 years isn't astonishing, but it is a good chunk of time. Occasionally people will ask about what I think we're doing right. One of the things that I think we do nicely is allowing each other space. I don't mean that our commitment and fidelity is compromised in anyway. I do mean that we allow time and energy for each other's interests. I have to have time away with my friends. I have to have time to volunteer. Jason has to play music. Jason has to hang out with his buddies. We do check with each other and consult our family calendar, but we don't keep track of who's been out more or technically whose turn it is. Part of it is trust. I don't get jealous of the time he spends out with the guys because I know that they're behaving themselves. Jason knows that I will be where I say I will be. There's no shadiness. I feel like being apart gives us more to talk about when we are together. And I don't even want to be a needy, controlling wife. That emasculates a man quickly! Now we do spend time together and I don't want to downplay that, but I do want to express that for us it's been a very good thing to encourage each other to have a life beyond being just mom & dad.

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