from Thursday, March 15, 2012~

This photo is terrible, but there wasn't any good opportunity to take a photo so this was taken with my phone, in the dark, on the sly. Not a good combo!

   My friend Amy and I like to add some culture to our lives at least once a month or so. Tonight we headed down to a dance exhibition at SPC's Gibbs campus. It featured ethnic Russian, Serbian,  and Ukrainian dancers. I loved the costumes and the dancing was impressive too. I never realized how similar the Greek and Serbian cultures are. If you look on a map, they are rather close to each other, but I guess I thought of the Serbs as being more like the Slavic countries than Greece. The Ukrainians had one these awesome red boots. I left craving a pair. What are the odds some of those in my size  popping up in a thrift store? They're pretty expensive otherwise!

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