Pillow Talk

from Wednesday, March 28, 2012~

Vintage 1901 Hereford Bull pillow
 I have a thing for pillows. I like them exotic or vintage or souvenir or whatever. They just add a level of comfort and luxury to a room. I've got a couple dozen just in our sitting room. From time to time I do list them on Etsy. Here are a few of my current favorite. Click on the caption (not photo) to go to the listings for each pillow.

1960's floral crewelwork
Color is the most important thing to coordinating a pillow. You don't want it to match exactly. Rather it should go. The pillow above has so many different shades of green and blue, it could go with a room that prominently features just one of the colors in it.


Vintage Asian motif embroidered floor cushion

Crocheted pillow pair- cream on red inserts

Vintage Summery Strawberry Needlepoint pillow

Battenburg lace and crochet pillows
Vintage Indian Tapestry Print pillow

Old yellow and white eyelet nursery pillow

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