Twice Bitten, Once Shellac-ed

from Thursday, March 29th~

   When I was a kid I bit my nails constantly. My cuticles were always a mess and I don't wonder if my great immune system now isn't due to all the germs and filth I must have ingested.This went on through my school years. In college I would paint my nails in hopes of stopping, but then that became part of the ritual. I'd have to gnaw the polish off (toxic, I know!) at the first chip and then get back to biting. Nothing stopped me- not bitter tasting stuff, not hot stuff, not boyfriend's disapproval. 
   My junior year, I severely burnt my finger on a hot glue gun. It was a oozy, painful and hideous burn. I couldn't stand the thought of putting my hand to my mouth. That's what finally broke the habit. It wasn't practical to have long nails and my nails aren't naturally nice, so they stayed short. I would peel them when they got to the end of my finger tips. Better than biting, I suppose. When I had Juju, I consciously kept them very blunt so as not to scratch him during a diaper change. 

   He's 4 now and I am ready to have nice, ladylike hands! My nails are stronger than they use to be (good vitamins and diet) and I've totally lost the urge to bite or pick or peel. When I saw a Groupon to get a Shellac manicure, I jumped for it. I'm so happy with the results. My nails still aren't long, but they're a nice shape and the manicurist told me that long nails are not the style right now, so that's fine.

So not a nice photo! Promise I'm not purple. I do have tiny hands though. This angle doesn't help. In person, my nails look much larger!

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