Lunch Buddies

February 22, 2012~


   Had an impromptu lunch with my hubby and son today. I really like that he works close enough that we can meet up occasionally. We also went up to his office and met all the co-workers. That I wasn't planning on so Julian was in a weird outfit that he's wiped half his food on. I didn't have my hair done and had left over smudgy makeup from the night before so I was not spectacular either. Still, no one laughed at us to our faces. Next time we'll be more prepared!
   Speaking of the hubby, he is starting a blog. The first entry isn't very long, but he is a good writer and I think as he gets warmed up, his blog is going to be very entertaining! If you want to visit it, he's at TheFrenchGhost.

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Holly said...

From your hubby's blog, "5 ghosts = "Hold me Anakin, like you did by the lake on Naboo!"


(Ri)Charmed said...

Yeah, he's a comedian.

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