Great Explorations

Saturday, February 19, 2012~

Kept busy today. With Jason being away, I couldn't be in the house all day with Julian so it's a good thing we had fun stuff to do. We've got museum passes so we spent a nice chunk of the morning at Great Explorations with friends. It's kind of funny- they have the grocery store, firehouse, pizza shop, vet lab and art areas downstairs in the common area and upstairs is the doctor's office, next to the golf area and boating feature. Isn't that true to life?! No one but the doctors can afford those green fees!

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GingerPeachT said...

aww what a cutie!
So I had chosen a winner from my giveaway...posted it and she never got back to I chose another number and you won!!
Email me back so I can send you your goodies! :-)

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