Berry Good

from Monday, February 21, 2012~

 (This lovely plate is my latest Etsy listing. For the details, click on the photo.)

I love fruit stands! I find the quality and price of the produce so much better than in grocery stores. It's fun to watch Julian get excited about the food. It really helps later when he doesn't want a particular vegetable to remind him that that was one he helped pick. 

Right now there's an abundance of strawberries. They're in season here in Florida and so inexpensive. We've been eating them with blueberries and blackberries too. As a mom, it feels great when Julian asks for stuff like that or his other favorites, carrots and broccoli. It's not that the boy doesn't love chocolate or chips- I'm just proud that he knows those things are not available in our home. The lack of the sugary or super salty foods has helped him develop a taste for the more natural goodies.  Moms- this is much easier if you start this process when they are babies!

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