Not As Random as It Seems

I'm always left with odd beads after projects so every now and then I do what is the jewelry equivalent to a crazy quilt. There is an art to even "crazy" projects so it's not mindless stringing, but there is something freeing about not having a pattern or any sort of expectation about what something will look like when it's finished. I did just a couple of these in August and they sold before I even listed them on Etsy. I finally finished the rest of the batch and listed them today. Here they are- I'll admit, they don't look amazing in photographs, but they really pop in person. I wore the last one this weekend and everywhere I went people complimented it.


These necklaces always make me draw the comparison to life and how random things often seem. I think God is both the maker and the string that makes all the things that happen in our lives become something more than just circumstances and happenstance.

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MaryFaithPeace said...

Weaving, threading, knotting and finishing: a metaphor for life! Lovely pieces!

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