There is a giant spiderweb right outside the window I'm sitting by. Part of me knows we really need to clean out back there, but part of me really enjoys the wild takeover of the backyard. There is so much life back there. Some of it a little creepy- black racer snakes, big ol' spiders, and shifty fruit rats. Some of it is beautiful- lots of butterflies, colorful birds and bright lizards. It's a whole ecosystem, but we can't use it. Julian can't play out there and even the dog doesn't like it. And it's going to take a lot of work and probably some money. So there's a decision to be made about what really is important. 

I'm drawing a bit of a spiritual parallel to this. I think we like our lives colorful and easy and are even willing to tolerate some ugly issues just so we don't have to change anything. (Ooooh, this could apply to our churches as well!) But the problem is that God can't use a life that has no room for Him. We let the weeds of hobby take over our time. The overgrowth of the pursuit of fun & pleasure slowly consume everything. We know we should do something, but we're too distracted with the life we've created to even have a strong desire for change, especially if that change might cost us something. 

So that's what I'm pondering today. I'm really just envious of the faux grass at Largo Central Park. Can their landscapers just come and do that to my backyard?

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sweetybird09 said...

You have a point with what you say, we do let other things get in the way of our walk with God!

Here is my blog, on Wednesdays I have worship Wednesdays...


Becky K. said...

I really like your blog. The set-up and the content. I'll be back....

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