I'm revamping this blog. To this point it's been exclusively spiritual thoughts. I don't intend to remove that but I am going to tie it in with my jewelry making, Etsy activity and just what's on my mind at any given point. So, yeah, it's going to be annoying. =p Really it's important to me not to compartmentalize my life so much. So you're gonna get it all... and you're gonna like it!
Let's start things off right. I'm reading Travels in Siberia and I'm kind of obsessed with colanders right now. I made this treasury on Etsy. Below is a picture of my current amore, who is going by the name Renoir today.

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sweetybird09 said...

Hi, I just found your blog, Its interesting!

Alison said...

I have this collander in red! =)

(Ri)Charmed said...

I love the smaller size and use it daily. I liked the red one a lot too. I think they also had orange. It was a hard choice!

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