168 hours a week, which one does God get?

Kind of discouraging to go on Facebook Sunday afternoon and see the things people did instead of spending time with the church*. I don't think you have to be there every time the doors are open and I don't even think you have to go to a church building or even meet on Sunday.  It's just bothersome that people who call themselves Christians put Christ and spiritual things way behind golf, housework, kid's sporting events, boating, camping, shopping, sleep, games on TV, Disney, whatever.... I don't know where I first heard this, but I think about it when I'm not feeling like going to church: God has given us everything, not even holding back His only Son, how can we possibly rationalize not even giving Him a couple hours a week? And Jesus called us to live our whole lives for Him, not even just to assemble together. If you can't manage to do that an hour a week, what are you going to say when He ask you to give an account of your whole life?

*The church defined as a community of believers

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