Friendly Monday?

(What's all this about? See this blog.)

The title of today's request is "Friends that are seeking". The requests are:

  • for God brings us friends who are seeking the Truth and are ready to hear the Good News
  • discernment to know who is seeking and who may just want to know a foreigner
  • to know how to spend time each day and with whom to spend the time

Last night I was thinking about friendship in general and how easy it is to gravitate towards people who are like yourself. (That grammar seems off.) It's kind of like the whole birds of a feather flock together thing. It's easy that way. While I hate fighting and arguing with people, I also detest when being part of a group requires a person to shed their own identity and become like everyone else in the group. It sound so high school, but I still see it a lot in adult relationships too.  This seems especially true in religious groups. I'm not picking on church people- that's just where the majority of my friendships circle around. It can be really daunting to express differing opinions on everything from politics to theology to child raising. But you're not a true friend if you can't politely disagree with each other. You can't grow as a person if your beliefs and thoughts aren't challenged occasionally and who better than a friend who cares about you to talk things through with? I think these thoughts when I meet someone that I'm tempted to avoid because I don't think we'd have anything in common. I hope that my fear of confrontation will instead become curiosity and interest in seeing the world through another person's eyes.

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