21 Days and Counting...

Many of you are aware that I'll be going to SE Asia in a few weeks. As much as I'm trying to be informed about the area and what we'll be doing, I still feel uncertain about the impact we'll actually be able to make. I'm not anxious about that though because I think the vagueness and questioning is keeping me from having unreal expectations or delusions of grandeur. I don't know if God called me to this trip to do something in my life or if there's people there that I'll have a connection with or both. 

Anyway, we were given a list of things to ask our friends and supporters to pray for us for every day of the week. I will be posting that every day until I leave and I hope that while I'm there my prayer people will continue to lift up these needs daily. 

Today is Tuesday so please pray for the unity of our team in the following ways:

  • That we would be of one mind, united in prayer and enjoy fellowship with each other
  • That we would be sensitive to the needs of each other and encouraging each other
  • That everyone on the team would seek God and be obedient to Him.
Thank you for praying for me/us!

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