Guess what I'm not going to post about? The Royal Wedding! (Or did that just count as posting about it?)

So on Fridays the prayer requests concern my health. I have 2 very specific things you can pray about. The first is that I would not get a kidney stone. One of my team members got one on the plane home the last time she was in Asia. I've been drinking a lot of water and juices to try to improve my odds of not getting one. The other thing is my left knee. The last couple times I've done the elliptical at the gym, my knee started twinging and hurt about 48 hours following that. It seems fine when I'm walking or running, so it might just be a movement on that particular machine. We will be doing a lot of walking on the trip and the last thing I need is for my knee to be bothering me.

(What's all this about? See this blog.) 

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