Easter 2011

Happy Easter! We had a super full day... good though. It's kind of nice to have this rainy evening in. I always picture Good Friday as a rainy day and Easter morning as a cloudless sunshiny day. I looked at the weather in Jerusalem and it's 59 degrees and cloudy. Guess we're getting a little taste of the glory, to quote Nacho Libre.

Sunday's requests have to do with adjusting to the culture. Sometimes us westerners think we have perfected society and know the best way to do everything. Somehow we feel more civilized which is kind of funny when you consider how many centuries China has on us. It's good to remember that when we travel abroad. Still it can be hard to get one's bearings when there is nothing familiar around. I'm personally praying that I can remember all the etiquette of the culture we'll be in. I don't want anything I do or say to stand in the way of being a good ambassador of God.

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