12 Days

I'm getting a little anxious. I need to get things squared away on the home front and also finish preparing for the trip. Yesterday, Julian was with Mr. Gordon for most of the afternoon so I was able to get his Easter basket squared away and visit the pawn shops and thrift stores along Missouri Avenue.

I had planned on wearing the skirts I had made in India, but when I tried them on yesterday, most of them were too big. I forgot what luxe fabrics I had picked and they just seem a little dressy for the occasion. There are a couple that will work, but I decided I needed a couple pairs of knee-length shorts. (That takes me back to my Christian school days. All field trip permission slips went out with a note about girls being able to wear "knee length" bermuda shorts.They were harder to find then for some reason.)

I found my shorts fairly quickly- a few light weight shirts too. (And this really cool Lucky Brand t-shirt with a floral skull and wings. That's not going with me, but I plan to wear the heck out of it when I get back.) So then I could focus on finding an affordable, but good digital camera. The camera we have now sometimes just dies for no apparent reason. I'm intimidated by pawn shops so it took some intestinal fortitude to go in, but I'm glad I did. I got a great deal and a camera I like a lot. I just have to go get a memory card or two.

So that's 2 things off my list. It's important that while I'm getting ready physically, I'm also preparing myself spiritually. Using this blog to write the daily prayer requests has helped somehow. I know people rarely comment, but many of you have mentioned that you do read, so I hope you're praying for me too.

Friday's requests: pray for my health during the trip and that the trip would be filled with the best medicine: joy & laughter.

(What's all this about? See this blog.)

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