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I knew what I was going to write about today when I got up but didn't have time to sit and type it up. Of course, it also came up in my Bible study this morning, so it must be something I need to pay attention to. I was thinking about how hard it would be to sacrifice something huge like our house or a career for God. I started thinking about also being willing to let God take someone I loved if it was His will. I really hope He doesn't but I was thinking that I would find a way to deal and that He would help me through anything He would require of me. I started thinking this was a spiritually mature attitude and that I've made real progress in the last month. And then a little whisper in my head said to me, "God doesn't want those big things right now, He'd be happy if you'd spend more time with Him than on the computer."  It's so crazy that I can think I'm ready to deal with a devastating loss, but I lack the self discipline to consistently give God time every day. With that in mind, I'm just asking God to help me get in the habit and to call me to Himself when I'm tempted to use "our time" for something frivolous.

I Samuel 15:22  “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice..."

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