Needs More Salt

Been thinking a lot about a comment I heard this Sunday. It went something like We are hypocrites if we go over and beyond to support foreign missionaries, but don't tell people in our own community about Christ. I'm thinking about this big trip in May and how we've been praying about it for months and raising support and awareness and I'm going to leave my husband and son for way too long and on and on. Then I think about when the last time was that I actually shared the plan of salvation with someone here in Clearwater, and it's been awhile. I don't know if it's because the circles I travel in are primarily Christian or if I've just turned away from opportunities that may have been approaching. 
I think that most Christians (myself included) have adopted a relational approach to witnessing. I don't disagree with that, but no where in scripture did Jesus wait until He was good buddies with someone to speak the truth to them. It maybe that in our focus on relational sharing, we've lost the skills and boldness to talk to strangers about Christ. If we're really striving to be like Jesus, we have to get real, get ready and find our spiritual backbones again.

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