Not a Morning Person

Think about the most cheerful morning person you know. Maybe they're also a whistler. I don't know, but they just pop out of bed with a smile and a song. I am the opposite of that person. If you have ever had the pleasure of living or working with me, you know that I don't function well until about 10 am. I've had a few attempts of waking up, praying and reading my Bible first thing in the morning in hope that it would chase the Devil Haze away. What usually happens is I fall asleep or the words on the page just don't make comprehensible sentences in my head. 

This morning I had to be at church about the time I first crack an eye open usually. Not only did I have to be there, I had to sing- all before 8 am! I managed, but it was more goat-like than I usually prefer and, of course, after the run through, I managed to spill a cup of coffee everywhere. Then I think I had a conversation with Ricky about prophets and the music industry and workers comp. I think that happened... 

When I did start to emerge from my fog, (earlier than usual since I'd been up at the crack of dawn) I got that morning person feeling. I know I'm no rock star and having been around music most of my life, I know better than to have any musical aspirations. But I have the desire to sing and when I'm singing there is literally nothing I'd rather be doing. God made me that way and put me into a family and schools where I could learn good techniques and music appreciation. I feel so fortunate to have an outlet for it. I think that sometimes at church we feel like they owe it to us to let us showcase our skills. We get offended if someone else is asked to do something that we feel we're more proficient in. It's good to remember that it's a privilege to serve and not something we necessarily deserve.

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