Wow, I just got the news that my visa was approved for my trip in May. I'm so excited about that! The more things fall into place for this trip, the more unreal it seems. I really dreaded the fund raising part of it. I felt like it would just be awful to ask people for money, especially with the current economy. And I didn't really know who to even send letters to. I just prayed and started making a list of everyone that God brought to my mind. Some people I knew couldn't support me, but I felt like they would want to know I was going and I also knew they'd provide prayer support. I also kept having that Ecclesiastes verse in my head. It says, "Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days." I don't even know that it applies to my situation, but I just felt like sending out my letters was "casting my bread".

Once I got over the initial thoughts that people wouldn't be able to help or would just avoid me if they couldn't give, and just turned it over to God, I felt peace. And then the responses started coming back. I'm still in shock at the generosity so many people showed. Along with the monetary gifts, there were the little notes and outpouring of love and support for me as a person and for this trip. It really touched my heart and humbled me for not trusting God more in the process. When people told me that raising money would end up being a blessing, not a burden, I was skeptical, but I'm a believer now!

 At this point my airline tickets are purchased and that's the biggest expense. I'm not too far away from my goal and that's a great feeling. What's even better though is waiting to see how the rest is going to come in. My fear is gone and now there's just faith and curiosity. =)

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