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Yesterday was a hard day with Julian. I didn't notice it, but apparently after his 3rd birthday celebration, someone swapped him out with an evil clone. The nice, sweet him only seems to come out when he's with other people.

Yesterday, while in quiet time in his room, he decided to raid his closet, which he's not even allowed to open. He discovered a small stash of toys that I keep for last minute gifts. He opened just one, thank goodness, but it's a toy that is above his level. A couple minutes into playing with it, he became very frustrated and proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs at the toy. 

I went in there and tried to help him, but my intervention made him even angrier. He threw himself into an hissy fit. I ended up taking the toy away, which enraged him further. He ended up in timeout and was cranky the rest of the day. He missed out on some fun things I had planned and just had a bad day from that point on.

It made me think about how sometimes we want things that we're just not ready for and we do things to get them that we know are against God's will and plan for us. How many times do we go through  frustrating, confusing issues because we determined to have our own way? I hope those decisions wouldn't set the tone for the rest of one's life, but they can definitely affect seasons and even years in our story.

I also thought about the things we sometimes feel God takes from us: a job, a friend, a car, etc. I'm quick to get angry about what I claim as mine being taken away, especially when it seems like there is no reason for it. But God knows what's best and it could just be that He's taking something we never should have had in the first place or something that down the road would cause us to become infatuated and lose sight of Him and His plan for us.

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Joy said...

What a good point. Christian does the same and it reminds me how frustrating it is to try so hard but not understand or make it work no matter how hard you try.

Rebecca Walsh said...

Good analogy. You know, as much as I don't really want to hear the point of what you're writing, I know that it is true and that I need to hear it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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