My Christmas Wishlist

It's weird but I'm having a very pearls & bats moment. They aren't a natural pairing, but I'm not your usual girl! Oh, and I want a cool hat. 

The size and cuteness of this speaks for itself!

From Curious Burrow

This dress is totally my style.
From Earthbound Traders

Absolutely in love with this vintage pearl & silver set.
From Ragtime Bazaar  

My dog is old, old, old. It would be nice to have a little painting of him in his prime- maybe with an Asian dragon around the banner. The deadline has passed to order this for Christmas, but an Etsy gift card towards it would suffice.
From The Stardust Studio

Another bat, this one for my hair.
From Firebombe (They also have an awesome goldfish one!)

 Something small, but delightful.
On Amazon

Oh, and here's an excellent hat!
From The Peddling Panda


RandomGoodsVintage said...

I love that dress!!! Even I would wear it, and I don't wear dresses often. (mainly because I am 5'11 and dresses look great with heels, and when you are as tall as I am with size 12 feet, high heels aren't so great.) I think you should buy it.

(Ri)Charmed said...

I think my husband should buy it for me!

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