India on my Mind

It is hot. Florida mostly is so this is no surprise. Still, my mind always goes to India when it's hot like this. It's the hottest place I've ever been. While I definitely remember the sweat, I can't help but also think about how bright and beautiful it can be. 

At a wedding in Bangalore
I've created an Etsy treasury of some of my favorite Indian pieces. Click here to see it. 

This awesome bag is from Seven Billion Buddhas.

Gorgeous photograph by LK Phipps available at their Etsy Shop
Isn't this mirrored and embroidered wall hanging versatile?! From Hunter Gatherer


RandomGoodsVintage said...

I love that red (sari?) you are wearing. so pretty!

(Ri)Charmed said...

Thanks! I've actually worn in a few times in the States as well.

(Ri)Charmed said...

And sari is correct. =)

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