Tampa Bay Etsy Crew's 2014 Craft Party

Can't believe this is just a few days away! I'm looking forward to it so much. I love getting to meet my Crew members and see their wares. One of my favorite roles as a TBEC team member is matching up sellers and customers so these events let me check out a lot of stuff in person. It makes me feel more confident when I give a recommendation.

I also love meeting up with the friends I've already made in the Crew. When I started TBEC, I never, ever would have dreamed it would be something that would so impact my life, but I've made real friends and learned so much about leadership and event planning and marketing and much, much more.

For more info or if you have questions about the Craft Party, click HERE.


Purrla Kitty said...

Great blog! Bill Brown

RandomGoodsVintage said...

I am so bummed that I cannot make it. Its the last day of school for my kiddos and we have an annual party in our neighborhood. I hope you all have an amazing time, I can't wait to hear about it!

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