'Tis the Season...

My wish list is all about Etsy this year! The newest gadgets hold little allure.(Okay, well, with the exception of the cell phone watches, but that isn't in the cards this year anyway.) Here's my picks:

Siobhan ( coincidentally the Irish form of Jane meaning "God is gracious."! ) earrings from Maravillosa Jewelry
These bat vases from Castle Rock Pottery are right up my alley!
From Gypsy Thread, love this vintage fabric and the whole Japanese knot bag design
I still prefer books to e-readers, so I need these vintage bookends from Elon Vintage
FunnyPeopleCo vintage navy blue boots- do not have, really, really want! (And, yes, these are my size!)
One can never have enough pillows. This cover from Pillow Loft Home Decor is so cute!
And this is what I want in my stocking- Lychee lip scrub (already have the balm!) from Lola's Handcrafted

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Michal Woodruff said...

I saw on the TBEC facebook board, your husband got you the earrings. How sweet of him! Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one for you. Take care.

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