The Dilemma

So I picked up these gorgeous pendants at Joann's this morning and turned them into earrings. They look really cool on and I've had several compliments and "Where did you get those?". I'd love to sell stuff like this in my Etsy shop. However- my brand identity lies in including either fair trade or locally sourced or recycled vintage elements in every piece I make.* I feel like that's one of the few things that makes my shop stand out a little on Etsy. I guess I have to hold to that, even though it would be so easy just to slap earring backs onto a lot of premade stuff from Michael's or Joann's. But that type stuff is already on Etsy- in hoards- so I guess it really isn't much a dilemma after all. 

They match my page!

*That's also not to say I don't ever buy from those stores. Some supplies I can't get elsewhere for reasonable costs. Still every piece in the shop has to have at least one component that is fair trade or locally sourced or vintage.

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Gypsy Thread said...

They do match your page! And photograph beautifully. Lots of kudos for sticking with your brand identity. These pretties are just for you. :)

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