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One of the best things about Florida life is the year round abundance of fresh fruit. With the exception of the citrus that grows in our yard, I never have any idea what's in season. It's a pleasant surprise to see the fruit stands overflowing with the latest crop. Right now I'm enjoying peaches, plums and mangoes the most. This morning's mango was perfectly ripe. I've heard people say mangoes are difficult to skin. I'd have to say it depends on how bad you want it. I've got it down to less than a minute. 

It's kind of odd, but I associate mangoes with my family. I have a childhood memory of visiting with my great aunts in Miami and them peeling mangoes for us kids. My mom gets an allergic reaction to the sap and oils found on the mango skin, but she would still prepare them for my dad when we could get them in New Jersey. Kind of funny that the mango is the national fruit of India, where they are now!
A ripe mango has a strong smell and gives a little when you squeeze it, but not be mushy. It should have a little red/orange color and if it's hard, it's not going to be very good. These do counter ripen so feel free to let it sit a few days if it's too hard.
I prefer to slice it in long wedges, instead of chunks.

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