The New Year Blahs

That last entry was soooo long, thanks to those who took the time to read it!

So all the holiday festivities are officially over and we're attempting to get back to normal. Really that won't happen until school starts but we can try. The Christmas stuff starts coming down today. I kind of hate that- everything looks boring without the lights and Christmas tchotchkes. I've had a few art pieces waiting in the wings to go up so now would be a good time to get those hung. At least it's something fun and new (to me- it's all vintage so none of it is really "new"). Maybe I'm feeling a touch of the post-holiday blues. Anybody else feel a little lost this time of year?
One of the paintings I'm hanging up:

I got this for my birthday from one of my good girlfriends. It's an oil painting dated 1931. It's titled "Amy's Dog" and signed C. McMahon. My friend knew I would flip over it because it's a vintage original and because it's an adorable Pekingese! I love my Peke and he's a charming, but a lot of Peke portraits come out ugly. Guess that's 'cause some Pekes are so ugly they're cute!
My sweet puppy (13 yr old puppy anyway)

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