I've abandoned my photo-of-the-Day quest. Life just got too crazy and now I'm 2 months behind, so I'm allowing myself to let it go. I'll backtrack a little since I didn't post in November at all. We went up to the country house in north Georgia for Thanksgiving. I just needed a break after a non-stop schedule and all the events I ran. It was a great trip and it really helped me regain some energy and focus before coming home to the Christmas selling and craft show season. The weekend after Thanksgiving, instead of shopping, we drove over to Greenville and spent a few days with some good friends. We took the kids to the zoo and then got a sitter for the evening. We had an extraordinary dinner at American Grocery, a farm-to-table style restaurant, and then went and saw Million Dollar Quartet- The Musical. Here's some photos:

Julian invented a game with the random stuff he found in the shed.

He kept changing the rules so much of it was just running around.

Thanksgiving day

At the zoo, Julian's "new best friends"

Baby giraffe!

One of my dearestfavorite amigas and I after the show.

Me & hubby

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