from September 17, 2012~ One word- Pumking! Fall is so almost here and I haven't had anything pumpkin yet. I made cinnamon sugar cookies yesterday and that's been the closest to autumn food I've had this year. We had our book club tonight. We meet at Brew Garden. When I walked up, Amber had this gorgeous round glass filled with a rich copper-orange beverage and rimmed with cinnamon and sugar. I had to have one... enter the Pumking! It's a pumpkin ale that taste great on it's own, but paired with that cinnamon and sugar- amazing! I feel like I showed great restraint in limiting myself to 2. That's going to be my drink this fall. And I'm not that much of a drinker so that means I'll probably only end up having it a couple times more before it disappears. Still, here in Florida we cling to signs of other seasons and this just made my night, oh, and the great book discussion. =P (It was an apocalypse type book. Our conversation was disturbing and animated enough to elicit a comment from a nearby table. Success!)

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