God Provides

Sunday, September 2, 2012~
   My most most lucrative business venture is my Etsy shop. I have to  be able to photograph my jewelry and vintage pieces so I can list them. The photos have to be clear and detailed, so it's vital that I have a decent camera. Last year, prior to heading to Asia, I got a little Nikon Coolpix from a pawn store. It was brand new and I felt that is was sufficient. You may have read that it broke this weekend. It's a lens error. I investigated having it repaired and that was going to cost almost what I paid for the camera. I admit to feeling some despair over that.

   I have quite a few photographer friends so I went on Facebook and just asked if anyone had a good camera they'd graduated from that they'd be willing to sell. Then the phone rang.... my brother-in-law had seen my post. My sister-in-law is a very good photographer and she'd been given an amazing camera for Christmas. Her old, but good, one was just sitting in a closet, so they offered it to me. They won't let me give them any money for it. I feel a little weird about that. I'm going to offer to let my SIL pick a piece of jewelry from my shop and, of course, I'll babysit anytime. My BIL loves food, so I'm also thinking I can make a nice dinner for them too.
    So once again God provides for me. It's only September, but in my journal, I already have an entire page just filled with how our needs have been met this year- most of the time in very unexpected ways! I know a lot of people find belief in God to be ignorance, but I look at just the last 9 months and how we've been crazy blessed and my heart just knows that God deserves all the credit and thanks.
   Here's a few more Etsy listings I just posted!

Tyn Llan Celtic box from Wales

Old metal sake decanter

Trimont ware pedestal bowl


GingerPeachT said...

Wow that is so neat!! I love seeing how God provides! What camera is it? :-)

(Ri)Charmed said...

It's a LUMIX TZ5. I've never heard of it before, but it works great!

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