A Good Thursday

Thursday, September 6, 2012~

   Feeling better today. The day started rough, I won't lie, but after Julian got over his snit this morning, things vastly improved. My Thursday morning group at church started up again. I'm part of a "guinea pig" group this time around. We're doing Warren Wiersbe's study on the book of John and that's not unusual. The part that's different is that it's a small group that requires each member to set a weekly personal goal and a goal that requires us to go above and beyond our usual habits. We're also committing to monthly service projects for our community. There's a high level of accountability within the group. I've mentioned before that I'm pretty burnt out on long book studies so this is a great fit for where I am and where my heart has always been.
   I left as soon as we'd finished so I could get up to Tampa. I do love seeing my former co-workers at Family First. It's been 4 years since I worked there and I still think about them and the programs all the time. I don't know when I'll go back to work full time, but it's a little dream of mine to be able to work there again. Anyway, I had lunch with my dear friend Amy. We had such encouraging conversation. It really made my week!
   Tomorrow I've got a fun morning and afternoon planned with another good friend. We're headed to St. Pete. I think Jason is craving Delco's so we may end up there too. What a good way to finish this week of ups and downs! 

Getting a better feel for the new camera. I'm excited to have a lot to list on eBay this weekend!

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