July 28, 2012~

Saturday! Although it doesn't feel like it as Jason had to work almost a full day today. When he got home we went to our favorite pizza place and then to Target... to get a new TV on sale! 

For months our TV would take about 8 minutes to stay on and focus. While Juju and I were gone, it started randomly changing the channel or lowering the volume or pulling up menus or turning off. It was caused by some malfunction in a control panel. It got worse and worse to the point that yesterday it just turned off every few minutes. the TV was really too old to repair. I know that watching TV isn't the ultimate form of entertainment or even very good for you, but in a house without AC it is a necessary distraction!

Jason shopped around and finally found a good deal on a basic LCD screen TV. It's a little smaller than our last TV, but works well. It's really got a nice picture, but this is our first "modern" TV, so I'm not sure how it rates against other TVs. Honestly, I'm just happy to have a functioning one.

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