A Nice Pair of Tangerines

August 23, 2012~

   With Julian in school, I've actually been able to list some stuff in my Etsy shop. Of course, that means I have to photograph it all first. I think I would love that part- if I had a better camera. I think my end result is okay, but I spend a lot of time photo editing to get stuff to look accurate. Anyway, I like to use props just to give people an idea of how something could function in their home. I try to incorporate my jewelry as much as I can to try to get more traffic there. I also like to use fruit. It's just classic composition to throw some fruit onto a plate or tray- still life fodder! Today the fruit of choice is tangerines. They're my favorite prop, I think, because after I'm done, I can just peel and eat them!

My first use of food as props. This sold fairly quickly so I guess it worked!

Red Lotus Flower Bowls

Vintage Asian Floral Pineapple Trays from the Alfred E. Knobler Company

My golden peacock plate by C.C. Thompson Pottery- don't really want to sell this!

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