Zumba and the New Sneaks

Monday, July 2nd~

   First Zumba class in a looooooong time! I'm out of practice and use to a different leading style, but it was good to do it again. I'm hoping the paint fumes will be gone next week, as well as the basketballs that kept rolling in the way! Julian had expressed that he wanted to join in, but then when the bigger kids were throwing the balls around, he got distracted and bailed on me.

  My new sneakers finally feel a little more broken in. I picked them up at the Nike outlet when we were in Missouri. I refuse to pay full retail price, even if I do buy kid's sizes! I really liked my last pair so I was hoping they were a model they still made or that they'd have something very similar. No such luck, but so far the new ones have been pretty good. They did well at Zumba and also the long distance walking training I've been doing. Now if  I only got that burst of energy the experts say people get after a good workout!

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Paula Parrish said...

I also started a workout program recently, but I am doing at home with equipment. Your post reminded me that I could use a new pair of shoes. Keep up the good work. ;o) Thanks for stopping by my blog with your lovely comment. Smiles, Paula

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