One Day in Bolivar

July 14, 2012~

Kelsey's Bologna- a Bolivar, MO regional treat!

   We're only spending one day in Bolivar with Grandpa Yeargain. I feel bad about that, but we've got a lot to do in Taneyville. Mom did find the time to take him by an assisted living place that might be a good fit for him. He seemed to think it was a nice place and is already talking about Bridget going to live with Aunt Marcia. Of course, there still needs to be a consensus among the other siblings, but I think mom and dad, just having gone through the home health care stuff with the Grandparent Weeks, want Grandpa Yeargain to have an easier, less lonely, time of it. Not to mention how great it would be for him to have medical staff nearby round the clock and not to have to worry about the yard and meals and all that. I actually worked at a similar type place and it's definitely not a nursing home. The people there were pretty happy and had great little social lives and outings. It really changed my mind about what places like that are. Hope it works out, I think Grandpa would enjoy living there.

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