Book Burning

July 18th~

Believe it or not, this is the after photo. There was just stuff piled and stacked on all the shelves.

   Shall I lead in with another... "cleaning and sorting continues"? 'Cause it has. Whilst cleaning out the bookshelf, I stumbled upon a ton of magazines dating from 1983-1996. Joy and I have had fun looking through them. The hair, the clothes, the home decor, the celebrity marriages... what a cheesy time! 
I have to say I did enjoy adding certain kinds of books to the burn pile: the crazy diet books, the get-rich-quick books, the rock-and-roll-will-make-you-kill-your-family books, the eminent apocalypse books... Now I am a book lover so I probably kept more than I should have, but that really couldn't be helped! Also the family photos had to stay. Can you spot me and Jason's tiny engagement portrait? =p

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