Father's Day

from June 17, 2012~

(Taken with Juju's camera, so it's a bit grainier than usual!)

Church and then Father's Day lunch at the oft-discussed Chinese Mexican Burrito. It actually wasn't too bad, for Forsyth anyway! Grandpa could barely stay awake today. He is still enjoying chocolates though, so Dad picked him up a nice box of Russell Stover's. Julian and I are missing Jason. We did get to talk to him for a bit, which was nice.

As I was wrapping up Julian's bedtime ritual, we got an invite to go up the hill for popcorn at Uncle Stanley's. Julian had a great time playing with Benjamin. Benjamin is 12, but doesn't seem to mind entertaining Juju. I so enjoyed just being with family and talking and hanging out. We're lucky to live near Jason's family, but I do miss having my kin nearby. There's just an odd sense of humor we Weeks' have.

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