from Sunday,  April 15, 2012~

I finally saw WICKED this weekend!!!!!!! I've wanted to see it for years and it never worked out. Last month a friend asked me if I wanted to drive down to Fort Myers to see it. So this past Sunday we went 2 1/2 hours early and put our names in the lottery for a pair $25 tickets. They're usually $90, so that's a good discount. They only pick 10 names and a lot more than 10 people turned out for the drawing. My name was chosen 3rd. My friend's name was chosen second to last so we had an extra pair that we gave to a couple that was standing next to us. They were so excited they asked to take us out for coffee. They were really interesting people so we quickly killed the time between the lottery and the show. Our seats were in the orchestra pit- 3 rows from the stage. The pacing, the music, the special effects, the characters... it was an amazing show!


MaryFaithPeace said...

WOW! I wish I was there. Memorable show and circumstances! Lucky you!

Ken said...

If you’re sure you’ll have good wicked tickets, then see Wicked again. Seeing it when you can see the stage is even more amazing. Plus the story itself was awesome.

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