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Monday, April 2, 2012~

   Remember my post about making the Easter mud project? Look at it now! It is ready for our Easter object lesson.

Can't wait to add some of this wheat grass to a few recipes
   So yesterday was Palm Sunday. Most Christians know what that day is about. Still I think it's ignorant to assume everyone else does too, so I just want to give a brief explanation for those who are curious. I'm actually going to be writing about the historical side of Easter this week. I'm not going to debate theology or talk about other American Easter traditions . This is the biggest holiday for my faith and whether you agree with my beliefs or not, maybe you'll find the "why" of this holiday interesting.

   Palm Sunday marks the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem. This is not a story, but a historical event, as recorded by Jewish historian, Josephus. It's also recorded in Matthew 21. When Jesus entered Jerusalem the Jewish people were ecstatic because they thought he was a rebel leader that would start a revolution to overthrow the Roman oppressors. In a sign of respect, they laid palm fronds in front of the donkey Jesus was riding on. That might seem odd to us, but streets during that time were dusty and muddy and full of animal excrement so any sort of shield from that would be welcome! Jesus route took him to the temple and then back to Bethany where he spent the night. He made the super religious people pretty angry at the temple and you can read about that in Matthew 21:12-17.

   We usually celebrate the day by a special church service. Many families start reading the Easter story account in the Bible. Mostly it's just preparing for the following weekend. 

PS- I think sometimes the idea of Jesus conjures to mind a comic book hero or story tale prince type idea. There is actual a lot of documentation of his historical existence. This article gives lots of detail and places to start if you want to see what historical facts say about the person Jesus. Now, of course, it's not trying to prove any theology or the deity of Christ, it's just the historical records.

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