Food Day

from Saturday, April 6, 2012~

Love having a freezer full of quick meals!

Had a great afternoon at Dinner Done with some friends today. It's the meal prep place that I happen to prefer. The only real drawback to places like this is that it's not cheap. For a family our size, we split the entrees so that makes it much more affordable. Tonight we had one of the entrees I made. It was steak stuffed with sun-dried tomato and spinach and then topped with adobo seasoning and feta cheese. Soooo yummy!

Easter Christian Traditions, continued...  Today there aren't many traditions that all Christians do for Easter. It is known as Bright Saturday. A lot of churches do egg hunts, but this has no biblical basis. Often the egg is used to illustrate the 3 in 1 nature of the Trinity.  Some more conservative groups oppose the practice as it is rooted in paganism. Some Catholic churches follow the Byzantine Rites for this day.

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