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Wednesday, April 18, 2012~

   Let's be all about books today. I love books. I've got shelves of them and if I hadn't a smallish house, I would have thousands. I prefer hardback and large print- big books. I like just about any genre, but if I had to choose favorites, I would say autobiographies and historical fictions. Although, I do also like series I can get lost in like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia.

   Some of you know that I am affectionately (I hope) referred to as El Capitan of the Tampa Bay Etsy Crew. I get to pick a member each week to be highlighted in our group. This week it was a fellow blogger that I happen to follow on here- MaryFaithPeace. Here are some of the great things she has in her shop:

See her entire shop at

Maryfaithpeace has a great little blog you can check out at

She’s also on Facebook at

And Twitter at


MaryFaithPeace said...

Nice to see well-worn books all stacked together in a book case! Thanks for the feature El Capitan!

French Ghost said...

The book jewelry is really cool! Very nice.

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