Almost Perfect

Saturday, April 21, 2012~

@ Karlie's 1st birthday

   We've started watching LOST. I feel like we're jumping down a delightful rabbit hole. We had a nice Saturday. Juju and I started the day watching superhero cartoons. Jason picked up lunch and then we attended a nice little birthday party for our friend's adorable daughter. We had dinner at our favorite pizza spot. Now we're relaxing in front of the tv. I like carefree Saturdays. This one almost was one. But... I think I'm having a kidney issue. I've had a stomachache half the day and it feels like the same kind I had 7 years ago when I had a kidney stone. It's an unpleasant feeling at best. So I'm drinking tea that helps flush the kidneys and water and I've doped myself up some. I've got the same type meds as they had me on before. Maybe it's just a stomach bug, but if not I hope I can just pass whatever this is on my own.

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