Thai Bat Necklace

Friday, March 2, 2012~

This post is for my fellow bat-lovers, specifically my Pinterest bat buddies. You know who you are! 
I got this necklace in Thailand. It was my favorite souvenir of the trip. I got it in the Bangkok Rose Gardens, back in this little handicraft shop. There were a bunch of tourist shops in the cultural village and show area and I ignored those after realizing they all had basically the same stuff. This little shop was in an almost unstaffed area that there were some birds and lizards in cages and a little cafe, but not a much foot traffic. The shop had stuff that was still being worked on so I wasn't sure we should even be in there, but I spotted this necklace from afar and had to investigate. Of course, I had to have it and it took awhile, but we tracked someone down and fake haggled for it. It's not something I wear a whole lot, but I do keep it displayed as art.

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Victoria said...

Perfect for your collection!

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