Love Not Retorts

from March 18, 2012~

   God is love. Christians are God's ambassadors. Why is it so hard for Christians to love? He loved us before we ever loved Him (I John 4:19). I find it very hard to love those who make fun of my faith or have a total opposite life view. It's a conditional love and, thus, an ungodly love. We (me), as the Church and bride of Christ, need to get real and learn to love people as they are, where they are. Our love should be the first message on our lips- not our politics, not our organizations. It's not natural for us to be that way- especially when we're told we're ignorant for believing in God or that all religious people are hypocrites. We get angry and defensive when we hear that, but we need to just take it to God. He's the only one that can change our hearts to love people who insult and belittle us. I have a challenge for myself and maybe you'll take it up too. Next time we have unloving thoughts, let's pray for that person and ask God to help us to love them.

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