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Saturday, March 10, 2012~

   We had a youth benefit auction and international dinner tonight at church. I'm always surprised at how many different countries are represented at these dinners. I've done Indian the last couple ones, but this time there was almost more Indian than anything else. I feel free to do something else now! I also decorated several tables: Japan, India, Mexico, Korea, Nepal. I had back up stuff to do a Poland one too. As hectic as this afternoon was, I had fun looking through my mementos for things for all the tables. The auction was a big success. The jewelry I donated fetched as nice sum and Jason and I ended up with a date night package- babysitting included! 
   Tomorrow is the final day of our mission conference. I'm starting off the service. I have to get to do the welcome and talk about the point of the conference and then intro a video. I don't talk in front of crowds much these days so I'm a little nervous. I  use to be able to wing it and come off well, but I end up saying lots of "um"s now when I'm not 110% prepared. I don't get anxiety when I'm on stage singing and I really don't even get stage fright when I'm acting, but just to be myself and talk for a few minutes... serious butterflies! Pray for me not to flub this- and not so I seem smooth,  I just want to give the day a strong start and give our missionaries the respect they deserve.

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sweetybird09 said...

Wow that sounded like a nice dinner/auction with the tables decorated for different countries,most people say too many ums when they are speaking in front of others, we have to really be mindful of not doing it but its hard... also thanks for coming by my blog!

Rebecca Walsh said...

All I can say is that I totally know what you mean. I don't know what happened to me and whatever stage presence I used to have, but it is gone. Put me in front of a crowd of kids and I'm fine, but put me in front of adults and I'm a shaking, dry-mouthed mess. Yuck!

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