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Family outing to IKEA tonight. It wasn't the lighthearted gay event I thought it'd be. I mean, parts were fun and I got stuff I needed, but the kid area didn't keep Julian as long as the website says they will and I think Jason felt a little overwhelmed. Julian is a little young to have just charging around the place. That's putting it nicely. He was naughty. (Which I don't understand at all because I am the best mom ever. I have researched everything and read a million books so you might even call me an expert mom. So why isn't my kid perfect?) (Hope that came across as sarcastically as I intended.)

I think IKEA is best with a small group of friends that have short shopping lists and a whole afternoon free. They have to not judge what you eat in the food court. They also have to be able to tell you if something is awesome or awful BUT only if you ask. They have to be able to talk ad nauseam about textiles or at least to pretend to listen while you do. They also have to enjoy people watching. They can't be afraid to plop down in one of the display rooms and pretend that they're on a Housewives of Tampa Bay pilot. That's about it.

So what makes a good IKEA trip for you?

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A.M. Mama said...

Um... sounds like a good trip would be taking YOU with me next time I go! You had me at "they have to not judge what you eat in the food court". I'm pretty sure last time I went I ordered a double helping of mac & cheese and that princess cake (the one that looks like a tennis ball) for dessert.

My record is 8 hrs at the IKEA in Dallas. Just saying... next time...

(Ri)Charmed said...

8 hours- that's awesome! I think the longest I've spent is 5 hours. And I love to make that final stop for ice cream on the way out.

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