Best Day of the Week

from Sunday, March 25th~

Don't think I'll ever finish this 600+ page, small print beast

   I love Sundays. It might be my favorite day of the week. I start the day at church. Sometimes I even get to sing. I always get something out of the sermon. I like the intelligent and well thought out way my pastor delivers his teaching. We have lunch with friends or cook something yummy and quick at home. Then it's nap time! Julian does quiet time and I usually crash on the couch while Jason takes to the bedroom. The house is so peaceful. It's just conducive to sleep. When Julian finishes his time, sometimes I go read in the bedroom for a bit. Sometimes we watch a movie as a family. We eat a small dinner, then it's back to church for our connection group. Julian goes to bed when we get home. I watch Once Upon a Time and we get ready for the week ahead. It's a nice day and really recharges my batteries for the week to come.

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sweetybird09 said...

That sounds like such a great way to spend Sundays, I love going to church my husband and I go and love to chat with different members after its over, we go home and usually spend the day home together just trying to recharge our batteries for the upcoming week, we both have ministries on Saturday night so Sunday is so restful for us, well and the cats too!!!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

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