Sunday, February 26, 2012~

   My in-laws are preparing to move out of the home they've lived in for almost 20 years. We went over this afternoon to get some plants and see if we wanted anything before it goes out at the next garage sale. I ended up with some nice textile items.

   I hope we never have to move. I have way too much stuff! I am trying to sell some things and have stopped adding to certain collections, but it seems like every item I sell gets replaces by 3 other items. Right now I'm trying to put more up on eBay and I've got a few larger things to go on Craigslist. Etsy is a little slower going but I am able to sell a few things a week on there. I think I need to start planning a yard sale April/May. I really need to get control of things again.


SOiNTOiT said...

I've read through a lot of your blog today and enjoyed the candor and learning a bit about your days. I've been to your shop (haven't checked out your hubby's blog) but see the name 'edward gorey' over here and am off to see who this artist is and if I'm familiar with him...going into just about any museum is such a 'gift' for me..inspiration for the taking. Thank you for holding me accountable btw...I've got 40 blocks done and 160 to go!

(Ri)Charmed said...

Re: Good job! I'm kind of all over the place with my blog. I don't like to compartmentalize so it's pretty much just a big ramble! You'll have to tell me what you think of Mr. Gorey.

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