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from Tuesday, February 13, 2012~

   I use to think a hard sudoku puzzle was a challenge. I also thought St. Pete was challenging to navigate. My definition has changed. Challenging is getting a four year old to listen to you. It requires following through with consequences and pretty much being a "mean" mom. I feel that training him to listen and obey now will benefit him so much when school starts and in life in general. To let a child go into the world without correction and guidance is to handicap them  and that's truly mean. So in the long run, being a "mean" mom is the kindest thing I can do for my Juj.

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Rebecca Walsh said...

Couldn't agree with you more. When it comes to parenthood, obviously I'm still all theory and intent, but I do see the results of "too nice" parenting regularly in my job. Keeping your child from consequences and discipline and even obedience, is not doing him any favors at all. That seem perfectly obvious; why don't more parents see it?

Holly S. said...

Take if from another "mean" just have to correct many I've seen who don't correct their children and their kids rule them and the parents have no continues through their adult life...Children need rules, they need guidance and sometimes they may hate us..but later in life they will appreciate that we were "mean"

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